Types of Failure


1. Introduction
Modes of Gear Failure
2. Scoring
2.1. Initial Scoring
2.2. Moderate Scoring
2.3. Destructive Scoring
2.4. Frosting
3 .Wear
3.1. Adhesive
3.2. Abrasive
3.3. Corrosive
4. Pitting
4.1. Subsurface origin failure
4. 2. Surface origin failure
5. Plastic Flow
5. 1. Cold flow
5. 2. Ridging
5.3. Rippling
6. Tooth Breakage
6. 1. Fatigue breakage
6.2. Overload breakage
7. Gear noise


Gear failure can occur in various modes. If care is taken during the design stage itself to prevent each of these failure a sound gear design can be evolved. The gear failure is explained by means of flow diagram.

Modes of failure

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